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Application Developers

Application developers are the users of the QUAM/J platform. They build applications that use services provides by the platform. An application developer is only interested in binaries of the platform. This tutorial explains how to write CORBA applications using QUAM/J. If you want to use RSVP with Java Sockets only, you should read the tutorial about the IIOP RSVP daemon . You may want to check the README file.

Platform developers

Platform developers are interested in advancing the QUAM/J platform. Building on the existing software they design and implement new features. The API documentation of the latest release can be found here:
  • IDL API - Contains a description of the CORBA IDL interfaces implemented by QUAM/J. This documentation is generated by doxygen
  • Java API - Contains a description of the Java code. This documentation is generated by javadoc.
If you have a request for any specific features that you think should be added to QUAM/J, please submit a feature request.

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